Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Why Run A Half Marathon?

The simple reason to run a half marathon is that for many people the full blown marathon is probably a few miles too far for many. For many, the actual distance of the marathon is achievable. The really BIG problem is the amount of time and dedication that is needed to make sure you are fit and well enough to do it.

It makes sense then that the half marathon is simply a better option for many people.

The Half Marathon and Charitable Causes

The single most popular reason why people decide to run a half marathon is to benefit a charity. I doubt if there is a much nobler cause than that. Every charity can benefit, and that includes the one you wish to contribute to. Running long distances is certainly a very popular way of raising money. The shorter distance of the half marathon can then bring this opportunity for many people. Not only does the runner benefit from getting fit, but the selected charity gets some much needed money.
Running A Half Marathon

Other Reasons To Run A Half Marathon

This length of run is achievable for most people. Even someone, who prefers the couch to the roads can be ready to run this distance with about 12 weeks training. That brings this type of distance running to anyone who decides that they want to make this whole marathon idea a reality.

Plenty of Races To Select

In the last 5 years or so, due to its popularity, there are now a great deal of half marathon races to pick from. Most cities and indeed, many major towns, will have one or two of these events every year. That means anyone considering this distance will easily find a place to run.

Keeping Fit
Maybe you have promised yourself that you want to get fit. The key to this is always motivation. If you decide to run a half marathon and donate to a charity, then training for and running a half marathon is certainly a great way of doing that.
We all need some type of accountability when it comes to getting and staying fit. This distance will certainly do that for you and the charitable promise will also keep you focused on achievement.

Losing Weight
When getting fit and training for long distance running then almost by default, it is also a great way of losing weight. I guess just about everyone knows that losing weight is a combination of two disciplines. These are:
  1. Eating Less(Burning more calories than we eat)
  2. Exercising
When preparing for a 13.1 mile run you will eat better, sleep better and certainly exercise more. The combination of all of the above will certainly help shed a few unwanted pounds.

Preparing For The Full Marathon

Some people use this half distance as a great way of preparing for the full 26 mile marathon. They either use it as a gauge to see if they can achieve that, or simply as a stage in their training. I would like to point out that the two races are different disciplines. The shorter half marathon is a nice mixture of speed and endurance, whereas, the full one is more about endurance. It is however a very good test or launch platform to determine your capability.

Injury Risks
When running any distance there is always a risk of injury. These injuries can happen in training or on the actual run. This shorter distance does however reduce these risks considerably. The training runs are not so long and the body can recover quickly. People who run marathons find that it can take weeks to recover. However people who do the half marathon can quickly recover in only a few days.

So, there are several good reasons why you should consider running a half marathon.